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South Dakota may not be the most populace state in the U.S. but it is definitely one of the liveliest. South Dakota residents are positively brimming with energy and they always want the next best thing that will keep their lives exciting and especially profitable. One of the most recent ways in which they are doing this is by playing in South Dakota online poker rooms. For months now many South Dakota players just can't get enough poker and the top sites of the U.S. are happy to oblige. Not everyone in the U.S. is on board and now many are raising a debate on the legality of online poker sites. While many of the residents of South Dakota are standing strong, a few are worried about this new development.

To help nip the problem in the bud and to try and bring some real information to the table, this site will go over the issue of online poker rooms and U.S. federal law in order to help clear up misunderstandings. This page will also contain useful information on using safe and trusted sites so that no South Dakota residents will get stood up by a bad site.

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Are Online Poker Rooms Legal In South Dakota?

Poker in South Dakota has become a popular pastime online for many of the residents. This is why so many were alarmed when the U.S. federal laws that prohibit poker rooms established in South Dakota were getting brought up. While at first it may appear that the case is closed and poker is illegal, a closer look needs to be taken. The fact of the matter is that the U.S. doesn't actually have any power over these online sites because the sites are licensed and operated outside of the U.S. Since the U.S. can't go to another country and try and stop what is there a legitimate business, many worry that the law will be turned on players. Rest assured that no recorded arrests have ever occurred because of playing poker online at home. In fact there are not even specific penalties for playing poker in South Dakota.

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Best Poker Sites For South Dakota Players

Out of all the South Dakota poker sites that are available, only a few can be considered trustworthy. While many probably are not bad per se, they haven't yet gotten the reputations and player base that indicates that a site is safe. In order to be as safe as the sites listed below, a site often has to have years and years of experience under their belts, much like the sites listed here. In addition sponsorship from major companies helps to legitimize a site.

Bovada Poker

Bovada is currently the top site for poker in the U.S. without a doubt. They simply offer better value than any other site on the web. No other site can come close to matching the sheer number of guaranteed tournaments they offer without making the tournaments very small.

Bovada refuses to skimp though and will always offer only the best tournaments with pots always in at least the hundreds and frequently in the thousands. All in all they have more than a dozen different tournaments each day and all of these tournaments are big money. Usually the first tournament of a night is $30,000, a huge amount for a daily tournament. At the end of the week a huge $100,000 tournament is held that blows the water off the next largest tournaments held online. What is even more insane is Bovada still runs tournaments like normal after their big Sunday tournament meaning even more opportunities for money.

BetOnline Poker

BetOnline is currently one of the most well-known poker sites that accepted South Dakota players one the web and is really popular for their great bonus. This bonus is so popular that many times it is all a new player needs to see before they jump on board with BetOnline.

Many would be skeptical that a site could have a bonus that was that good but the facts don't lie. When a site offer 200% of the first deposit back as a bonus heads get turned and people get excited. Some might expect that getting the reward is difficult. The good news is it is only difficult if one doesn't like playing poker. Because the bonus is given out just for playing poker many of the users quickly claim all of it.

SportsBetting Poker

SportsBetting doesn't seem like the most likely name for a great poker room but believe it or not they have one of the most thriving poker rooms on the scene. Owing a lot of their success to a mix of good tournaments and special offers, SportsBetting is deploying every tactic in the book to make people hop on and try out their sites.

One of the most obvious ways in which they try and convince players that their site is the top site for poker is by offering good tournaments. They offer more than $250,000 in guaranteed tournaments weekly and this doesn't include special tournaments that happen throughout the year based on season. Another thing they do to attract players is offer skill challenges. Essentially if a player wins a game with a specific hand they can claim a skill challenge bonus that gives a small prize for completing it.

Legal Online Poker Sites For South Dakota Residents
Best Poker Sites First Time Deposit Bonus Peak Avg. Traffic Visit
Bovada Poker 100% up to $1,000 18,000+ Players VISIT
BetOnline Poker 200% up to $1,000 - "POKERNEW" 12,000+ Players VISIT
SportsBetting Poker 200% up to $1,000 - "POKER200" 12,000+ Players VISIT
Frequently Asked Questions: Online Poker in South Dakota

Q: How long does it typically take for a deposit to be credited?

A: In general deposits will be credited to an account as soon as the deposit reaches the sites main office. While this can take up to 2 or 3 weeks for check deposits due to the overseas nature of these poker rooms, it is often much quicker electronically. In general many of the online or electronic deposit methods will be credited within a day or even quicker. The deposit method chosen heavily influences how long this process takes.

Q: Are there fees for depositing?

A: Often times there are fees incurred during the deposit process that depend on the deposit method chosen. These fees can range from anywhere to tiny little fees to larger fees that are often associated with quicker or more reliable ways of depositing. However for larger deposits many sites will pay the fees as a way of thanking a user for their business.

Q: How can I withdraw money from a site?

A: Like deposits, the payout methods available vary greatly from site to site. In general a site will have a few common methods that are common among South Dakota gambling sites and then try and include a few that are specific to that site to help attract more users. The most common ways to get payouts at any site are checks, money orders, and sometimes pre-paid cards.

Q: Who do I call if I am having trouble with a part of the web page?

A: Any and all problems that are associated with the functionality of the site or the receiving of payouts should be addressed to the support center of the site. The help section can also contain answers for some general questions or difficulties with using the site. More complex issues can always be handled by the customer service team at an online poker room. Their dedicated staff knows the ins and outs of the poker room like no one else.

Q: How old do I need to be to sign up?

A: All online poker rooms for South Dakota residents will require users to be at least 18 or older. This is a strict limit and it is unwise to play while under the age of 18. It should be noted that the state of South Dakota requires residents to be 21 in order to play and while online poker rooms will not stop registration it will defer to the state on any and all legal matter regarding age.


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