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Often, people speculate as to what the great figureheads carved into the side of Mt. Rushmore must talk about. As great figures of our nation's history, no doubt they would have a lot to say to each other. If they're anything like us, it may revolve a bit around sports betting and who they have in next year's Super Bowl. The fact of the matter is sports betting is on the tips of everyone's tongue, and just because there are no state-sanctioned sports betting facilities within South Dakota state boundaries doesn't mean that residents are left out in the dust when it comes time to ante up on next year's Super Bowl thanks to South Dakota sports betting sites.

It's natural to wonder why a hobby that so many are curious about is not more widely practiced in the Mount Rushmore State, and the simple fact is that it's really hard to find straight information on the subject. This page aims to educate South Dakota residents not only on their legal rights as they relate to sports betting, but as to which avenues they should take when looking for the best means to bet on sports available. There is a lot of inaccurate information out there, but we hope to narrow everything down to some basic, accurate facts.

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Is Online Sports Betting Legal in South Dakota

The most important thing to understand about the legal risk one takes when betting on sports online is that they are not actually taking any risks. In South Dakota, the simple act of placing bets online is not criminalized or prosecuted. In fact, no South Dakota residents have ever been in legal trouble for the simple act of placing a bet. The confusion surrounding the law tends to stem from the fact that the act of FACILITATING sports betting is highly illegal, leading to many shady avenues that residents can walk down in order to place a bet.

However, the South Dakota online sportsbooks listed on this page are all able to function legally due to three simple words: location, location, location. Since these sports betting sites are located in foreign territories, they are well outside the jurisdiction of all state and federal laws. Since we now know these sites can operate legally and we've already established that the act of betting is not a criminal offense, we can gather that betting online with the sportsbooks listed below if a safe act, legally speaking.

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Best South Dakota Online Sportsbooks

Now that we've established betting online can be done legally, South Dakota bettors must simply be careful they don't end up trusting a sub-par website with their hard earned money. All the sportsbooks we list below are certified by reputable, international gaming commissions and therefore dedicated to fair play and steady, reliable payouts. This makes these sports betting sites the absolute best of their ilk, offering not only legitimate betting outlets, but fantastic customer service.

Bovada Sportsbook

Beginners come to Bovada because their in-depth glossary of sports betting definitions and terms makes adjusting to a sports betting hobby easy. Veterans stay because the experience Bovada has running one of the most well established and successful online sportsbooks and the unparalleled quality of the game lines, proposition wagers, and ways to bet.

This South Dakota sports betting site has such a high level of confidence in their product that they are willing to let you give it a spin for free. When you make your first deposit, you will find that not only did the money you put in make it into your account safe and sound, but that you've been awarded an additional 50% of your deposit in bonus money all the way up to $250. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore all the nooks and crannies of the sportsbook without putting any of your own money at risk. Don't miss this fantastic offer from Bovada!

BetOnline Sportsbook

The first thing sure to jump out at you when check out BetOnline for the first time is their amazing site design. No online sportsbook for South Dakota residents is easier to navigate, and no website in the world runs as fast. This is a good thing, because speed is the name of the game when you sign up with BetOnline. No betting network posts their odds sooner, and no sports wagering site makes placing multiple bets in a short amount of time easier than this sports betting site does.

This will especially come in handy when you check out the live betting feature. Watching games in real time just got even more exciting, as with your BetOnline account you can now log in and bet on a constantly refreshing list of propositions related to the action as it unfolds in real time, and don't forget the sliding game line! When you wager with BetOnline, sports betting is not merely a once-a-week hobby, it completely change how you watch sports for the better.

5Dimes Sportsbook

Anyone who's been around the block betting on sports for a while has heard about 5Dimes. This all-star sports betting site has been providing top-notch customer service for years, ensuring that no matter what happens they are always available to their valued members. Use any one of their five phone lines to connect to a live human being no matter what time of day it is, and solve any problem related to your sports betting needs.

5Dimes also comes equipped with a world-class mobile betting site. With a 5Dimes membership you not only have access to the world's most complete sportsbook featuring odds from every league and sport imaginable, but the backing of a Cracker Jack support team available 24 hours a day, and a sportsbook you can carry in your front pocket. You simply can't ask for more than what 5Dimes offers.

Legal Sports Betting Sites For South Dakota Residents
Best South Dakota Sportsbooks Initial Deposit Bonus Mobile Wagering Visit
Bovada Sportsbook 50% up to $250 Yes, All Devices VISIT
BetOnline Sportsbook 25% to $1,000 - "FIRST" Yes, All Devices VISIT
SportsBetting Sportsbook 50% up to $500 - "SB50" Yes, All Devices VISIT
5Dimes Sportsbook 50% to $200, 20% to $500 after Yes, Phone-in Too VISIT
Frequently Asked Questions: Sports Wagering in South Dakota

Q: How do you choose which sites you select on this page?

A: At we are not lawyers or professionals of any kind when it comes to this subject, we are merely avid sports bettors ourselves who are passionate about the subject. All the sites listed on this page meet our high standards for quality and reliability.

Q: Are there other quality sports betting sites out there?

A: Anything is possible, but we have done our best to select a roster that is complete and complementary. We cannot claim that any other online sportsbooks are or aren't high quality and reliable, but we know for sure these are. For a sure thing, stick with the sportsbooks on this page.

Q: Why can't I receive a payout directly to my credit or debit card?

A: Due to federal law, legal online sportsbooks that take South Dakota players are unable to process payouts via credit card. This is why the cashier pages do their best to offer a great variety of other convenient payout methods.

Q: Can I withdraw my bonus money as soon as it's awarded?

A: No. Typically, sportsbooks will require a "rollover," this means that bonus money must be bet a certain amount of times before it can be pulled out of your account in the form of cash. Look at bonus money as a way to make risk-free bets, and try exciting new features!

Q: Will the mobile version of my online sportsbook work on my smartphone?

A: Yes, the mobile sites for all of these South Dakota accepted online sportsbooks should be compatible with all major smartphone and tablet platforms. No matter what your preferred device is, you should be able to carry your sportsbook with you wherever you go with no issues.


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